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Where I came from...

Years ago, I signed on with the Singapore Armed Forces as an Infantry Specialist.  I was eventually offered a Premium Plan 2 (a prized employment contract awarded to top 10% duing that time) that allows me to continue with the armed forces until retirement but  I decided to leave and try something more challenging after having completed my tertiary education; I am probably one of the rare breeds that hold an Higher Nitec, a Polytechnic business diploma and a Finance Degree, all of which I did part-time.  The period aright fter I left the Armed Forces was a supremely trying period for me. Despite my qualifications, testimonials from former superiors and a really low salary expectations, a 40% pay cut from my former salary, I wasn’t able to get a job in my field of study.  In a 6-month period, I went for 40+ interviews with different ministries, statutory boards and private sector employers, but wasn’t able to secure a job at all.  That taught me a very important lesson that there is no guarantee that I wouldn’t end up facing the same issues with employers when I eventually turn 40 or 50.  So....I chose real estate property!  

As a former training coordinator in the Armed Forces, I learnt the importance of meeting customer's need to my best abilities. Bringing forward everything I learnt, I knew the importance of taking care of my customer and giving them the excellent service through me. 

When I first started our real estate career, I was very inexperienced and did not know a thing about selling or leasing a property. As I gain more knowledge in doing real estate, I found it less challenging and the idea of helping people buy their first home, sell or leasing their property at their expectation, brings me great personal satisfaction.

I have been very lucky to find a career that I truly love. Success has also attracted new exciting opportunities, I have reached the appointment of Senior Marketing Director within 1.5 yrs since I joined the industry and is starting to build my own sales team; To those who may not be familar with the structure, to attain the rank of Senior Marketing Director in Huttons, one needs to clock a gross commission of $250,000. 

I care about making a difference...

People are trusting me to help them with one of the biggest decisions they'll make in their lifetime and that is something I take it very seriously. My customers and clients stay loyal and refer friends & family to me because they know I will always do whatever it takes to make sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to the end. 

In today's market, you need someone who knows what they're doing and will work hard to get the job done. My knowledge of the real estate market, negotiating skills, and ability to listen to clients' needs and desires keeps me ahead of competition. 

 Looking for not just a job, but also a CAREER?

Do You Want the flexibility to build your own business and control your own schedule with the possibility of unlimited income potential?

Huttons Real Estate Group comprises of Huttons Asia Pte Ltd & Huttons International Pte Ltd. It is an unrivalled organization with a reputation for efficiency, effectiveness & reliability. We are one of the fastest growing dynamic real estate agencies in the region, renowned for professional excellence across a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Huttons goes the extra mile to bring People & Property together. Our fundamental approach to business is to deliver the highest quality of seamless services which give our customers confidence which they value. Huttons Real Estate Group’s commitment to long-term investment in human resources and continual learning has also enabled us to attract and maintain a highly dedicated and performance-oriented organization.

 In line with our mission to build a team of qualified and professional real estate salespersons, Huttons offers one of the best real estate training and development programmes in Singapore.

Professional Development and Training:

In line with our strategy of "Excellence", we incorporate Comprehensive Training Programmes to upgrade our Associates with high standard of Professionalism & Marketing Skills.

We offer one of the most effective and comprehensive training programme in town.The Continual-Learning Committee headed by Director of Operations, compromises of professionalism from both within and outside Huttons,constantly develop and review training curriculum to provide relevant and high standards of training.We are also SAEA Approved Training Centre for Common Examination for Salesperson.

Besides mandatory CES/CEHA qualified, inexperienced Associates and new Associates are also required to complete our In-House Training:

• Basic Real Estate Training(BRET)
• Qualified Project Proficiency Course(QPPC)  

Besides the basic training courses, we regularly conduct professional upgrading courses and workshops to upgrade and update our Associates.

These includes: 

• Advance Project Marketing Course 
• Advance Resale/Leasing and Commercial Transaction Courses 
• Leadership Development Programme 
• Professional Upgrading Workshop (By professional Legal Firms & Bankers)


As part of CLMD’s reaches towards new heights, each level of success attracts its own challenges.  Most pressing of which now is the high rate of new joiners coming into the Division. 

Building a structured training program is part of a natural progression in the Division’s growth, given that each of the team leaders has only so much time to train and guide incoming new associates, 2012 sees the establishment of a new training system in which all the 4 leading team leaders take turns to train and groom the new associates in a structured environment.

The new training system is modular, and designed specifically to generate interaction.  Hence, each idea and solution that is generated by an associate is mapped over the whole class.  The end outcome is that each class participant takes back multiple perspectives on a case that they would otherwise not have considered if they were to tackle it alone.

The new training approach is such that the team leaders train from their respective areas of strength, namely in the following sub structures:





This structure covers just about 99% of the entire real estate universe, with the objective of having a point of reference for all incoming associates whom they can turn to for direction and advice.  Within which, each of the team leaders conduct training classes cantered on their respective areas of strength, incoming new associates will then be cycled through each of the 4 domains, with each domain covering approximately 2-6 weeks of training.

Our agency’s training system helps real estate professionals achieve lasting success by providing brand marketing and sales tools that are among the finest in the industry.

Innovative Technology:
- Comparative Market Analysis system
- Financial Planning Software
- Personal website for cost-effective online property marketing
- Virtual Tours (VPM) property marketing 
- Island-wide Residential Database

Find out more about....
- How to find your potential
- Incentives of being with us
- Creative Business Thinking
- Career Path
- Unlimited Income
- And many more...

A new associate’s entry point will be in the domain of PROJECTS.  Within the Real Estate Universe, a typical transaction would consist of 2 legs to an equation; involve sourcing for a “seller”, and then sourcing for a “buyer”.  PROJECTS very much simplify this process by having an array of ready products for an incoming agent to sell, hence, reducing the workload by 50%.  As with the case with Huttons, there are many ongoing PROJECTS at any one point in time, hence, new associates who come on board will have a ready product catalogue to begin marketing work.

In each training domain, the objective for the Team Leaders is to impart as much knowledge and experience to the new associates at the level that they can absorb and utilise, and ultimately, to impact their money making ability.  It must also be the emphasis that each training domain alone can be taught by the respective trainers for a full year to impart the full experience that they have, but working within strict time limits, to impart what is necessary, given the new associate’s requirements, to first and foremost, MAKE THEM BIG MONEY!!!

The following would seek to outline a structured lesson plan for a new associate to work themselves through:

  1. 1.               Introductions to Huttons Projects

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd is undisputedly the industry leader in the domain of new launch projects.  Fundamental to understand this strength is to be immersed in the company culture that is unique to Huttons that would not be found elsewhere in the Real Estate Industry.

  • Two critical components for a new associate to understand are SPEED, and a SUCCESS DRIVEN MINDSET.
  • Secondary but no less critical is FOCUS and the ability to SUSTAIN it to achieve closing the deal!
  1. 2.                 Sequencing and Scripting

The objective is to attain fluency in a presentation, as well as to derive a structured learning process. 

  • In the beginning of a new associate’s career, it can take up to 12 hours to completely learn and be fluent in presenting a new launch project.  The end objective is to shorten this learning process to 5-10 minutes. 
  • This is done by having strict sequencing and scripting whereby ALL presentations have a fixed presentation format, with only adjustments made for specific information that is project specific.  That way, by stepping into any new project environment, the associate is conditioned to pick up the information that would fill up the “blanks” in the ., hence, saving time in the learning process.
  • Breaking down the scripts into segments.  This allows for flexibility in the presentation whereby the single . is now a deck of cards that the selling agent can use singly as and when they are needed.
  1. 3.               Preview

Objective:  To understand and to personally experience a Huttons VVIP Launch.

  • VVIP Preview is unique to Huttons whereby 50% or more of a project routinely sell out on the preview day.  Sales technique for showflat closing is very different from
  • Fundamental to this is in understanding the emotional state of the buyers as they come into the buying process.  Being able to manage the emotional expectations/states that the buyer is in will better keep the buyer in the right frame of mind to make the buying decision when the time comes.
  1. 4.              Scripting Part 2, handling “Areas of Concern”

The key to an efficient and effective plan lies in ANTICIPATION.  As in a game of chess, the player who can best predict and plan for the possible courses of action that an opponent can make, will be able to plan countermoves way in advance, thus putting them in a position to predict the outcome.

  • Like human beings of which there are only at most 15 distinct personality types, there can ONLY be so many areas of concern that a buyer can have.
  • Being able to predict these areas of concern and addressing them without the buyer having to bring them up, will put the presenter in a good position relative to presenters who do not raise them.
  • The art then would be to incorporate all of the above into the present scripts to have these angles all covered.
  1.  5.      System Building for PROSPECTING
  • A common worry that all new associates have on coming into the industry is that on leads generation.
  • Here the desired outcome is a simple one.  “How to keep my phone ringing non-stop?”  The idea is to build a system that constantly generates leads.
  • System in this sense is defined as, “One time effort, long term results, minimal maintenance”.
  1.  6.      CLOSING THE DEAL

The last module for this is the key to understanding and reverse engineering the sales approach in ANY deal, be it resale or projects.  Collecting cheques is easy by this time; the art really is in closing and making the deals happen.

  • The key is in understanding the sales process, and then anticipating likely scenarios that might play out during the preview phase.  For each anticipated scenario, options can be thought through and prepared for, hence cutting down on time lags and allows for quicker response times.
  • This is the difference between a successful closing, and just collecting back the documents.
  • As a lead into RESALE, we also touch on the merits of having a backyard GTA as a “home base” in addition to running full-fledged on the New Launch Projects arena.
  1.  7.      New Launch GTA

As with “home base” GTA, the idea is to establish and entrench a sense of familiarity in the new associates such that they achieve a level of understanding on the projects within the GTA that use repeated CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) The end result is to achieve a home court advantage that one would have if operating a “home base’ GTA.

  • There are 3 predominant clusters within Singapore that have repeated launches again and again.  Key to this is to understand the history and the economic fundamentals that underpin this urban renewal.
  • To understand the thought process that goes into designing business systems that support the project GTA areas is key to business success in this domain.

Diversification and the ability to seize ALL opportunities

As previously discussed, success in real estate is predominantly skills driven.  Skills give access to the different classes of real estate available.  The real estate industry is cyclical in nature, hence a down period in a certain segment might correspond with a boom time in another.  What we in CLMD therefore seek to do is to cover a broad spectrum on skills sets and understanding such that opportunities that arise may be quickly grasped and capitalised upon.  Seeking the necessary knowledge and skills when the opportunity presents itself is clearly to late.


So, you want to be a real estate agent?

The first step for most people in becoming a licensed real estate agent is to gain practical experience working as an agent’s representative under the supervision of a licensed estate agent. To work as an agent’s representative you must successfully complete Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course and meet a range of basic criteria outlined by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).


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